noSQL and SQL databases: Not an exclusive decision

When trying to find real-world noSQL modeling cases to get some inspiration I ran into the NoSQL Data Modeling Techniques from Highly Scalable Blog. After reading the post and its comments I remembered the discussions around one Semantic Web class I attended last year at NCE-UFRJ. During that class we discussed the future of Triple Stores and that maybe OLTP systems would never leave the relational model and start using Triple Stores. Maybe representing data as RDF would be just another way of representing data the way OLAP systems do.

Almost everytime people talk about noSQL database they end up comparing it to SQL database and the relational model. My opinion at the moment is that it’s not an exclusive (XOR) decision. Since everybody say noSQL databases are better in high traffic/load evironments and SQL databases are better in OLTP env (where data change very frequently), we should take advantage of both at the same time. I mean, let’s have a noSQL database be another form of  data representation that is also in relational databases.

I will try to find how Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter etc use noSQL and SQL/Relational databases. If you see any article, presentation or post that talks about how the use such databases types, or if you have used both together please, share it here by posting a comment. It would be better if it shows an end-to-end architecture using both and not just a peace of it, ok?!

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